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Would like copy of complete current HOA rules and regulations. Thank you
Need to install a small window in my garage.
I dont understand the letter I receive in the mail address to title RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED 8804 River Pines Ct.Apt#202 - I'mthis Condo for 3 year now. renting
Calls to First Residential say they are NOT the property manager for Liberty at Huntington.
I have a neighbor very upset about another neighbor leaving their trash cans out after being notified that they must be kept out of sight of the street. It is very unpleasant to hear that a new neighbor is purposefully leaving them where they don’t belong and causing a problem for my neighbor who has to look at them every time he looks outside. We have rules in our community and I wish everyone would follow them so we don’t have this kind of negativity in our community. I was told they were asked to put them out of sight but have continued to ignore the request to follow community standards. What can be done to solve this issue?
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Too many people without parking permits are parking on Keelmans Point ave. I'm disable and sometimes its a problem. Can the problem be dealt with asap please.
Need to install a small window in my garage.
Would like complete copy of HOA Rules and Regulations
want to check my balance on

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