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Received October HOA not being paid. This is part of our Escrow impound account.
I understand AUIR has a new Firstservice provisional community manager repalcing the Joyce Winward who engaged wit hdishonest faud with the AUIR boar dmembers and FS attorney on 16PO1647 and 17PO1335 FSR v. Thomas Caggiano. FSR should be fired as wel las the HOA law firm. See http://thomascaggianoc.om/SUMMARYEVIDENCE.pdf as the HOA is protected by the FBI and State of NV read the Carlk County offcia lminues on http;//thomascaggiano.com/CLARKCOUNTYNV.pdf
I need to know the two websites for paying my Hoa dues
The Federal Reserve and Federal Trade Commission have now included my evidence against the corrupt Establishment from U.S. Attorneys Holder (D), Lynch (D),Sessions (R) to Barr(R), CIGIE,DOJ, FBI director Comey to Wray(R) and State of NV and NJ in the Consumer Sentinel Network exposing to thousands of enforcement agencies worldwide and in all US 50 States the corruption of the Obama (D) and Trump (R) administrations, U.S. Courts adn Federal Senators and Congressional Representatives protecting themselves and FirstService Residential a major multi-stat corrupt Community management firm. See http://thomascaggiano.com/FTC.pdf and http://thomascaggiano.com for periodic updates
6904 arcadia creek st re for violation oil spots on drivway have been cleaned and fixed

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