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I need someone to have the maintenance company at angel court to spray outside for cock roaches we had are spray inside unit 110
I’m wondering what we are able to do and not do with our homes to try and save money when we face West. All I’m hearing is no and no and you guys just want money and fine someone. And I read what you’re managers are “suppose to do “ and whom ever is my area should be fired. Our stuff gets destroyed by renters over a six month time frame and video is sent in but the renters are still here and what they broke is still not fixed and the kids are ripping up the new stuff you put down. Your person who takes pictures and all that won’t get out of her car to really check things. I know cause she told me she doesn’t. Then our streets were never sealed so now all of our kids are all the time completely stained black for weeks and tracks dirt all through the house. Seriously what does your management do that has my area and I’d like a copy of all your rules cause it’s pick and choose on rules here. Cars in one spot for over six months and nothing. One little oil spot in driveway and quick to fine someone. Landscape is never done. Please email me or call me at+17025231957 cause I’d really like to inquire about all of that and more.
Relative to the correction letter dated 11/6/2015, for 8805 Jeffreys St. #1017, the blind issue has been corrected as of 11/18/2015.
Re: 4893 S TORREY PINES DRIVE 104 LAS VEGAS, NV. 89103 Hello, May I please request an updated HOA ledger statement good through 30-45 days and W-9 form? Any outstanding amount will be submitted to the servicer for payment to bring the account current.I appreciate your immediate response with regards this matter. Thank you very much! Grace Pascua First American Title 3 First American Way Santa Ana, CA 92707 gpascua@firstam.com (714) 250-7567

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