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This is Renee with Kayo Energy, we have homeowner Tracy AppleDesmarais Zamoraat 7525 W Tierra Rd, Tucson, AZ, 85757that would like to install rooftop Solar panels and has requested that we submit on their behalf. Can you please send me the Arc application that can be submitted. Once it's been signed and completed I will attach it with a planset. I have cc'd the homeowner for visibility as well. Thank you.
My name is Tiffany Karwoski, my father lives at 7737 W Long Boat Way. I am here taking care of him after shoulder surgery, and he mentioned that there has been an abundance of pigeons being fed for over a year at 7738 long cast way . Since I arrived I have been noticing how absolutely disgusting and dangerous the situation has gotten, encrusting her house and the neighbors in pigeon feces and disease. My father also let me know that there was damage done to his property by having a pigeon mutilated by some predator- on his front porch. There are still feathers and evidence of this. I have small children and dogs that play in the yard directly north of this house. Please make this stop.

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