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Corona run/ lightning bay court. Problem with trailers and commercial vehicles parking in street.
Moon dance sunchase, on Pollock between Corona Run % Danielle , needs landscaping done. Only location on Pollock that stick at like a sore thumb.
I feel like we're being targeted by the HOA. Every week or so we get a new letter about petty things threatening a fine. The latest is my Halloween decorations. Everyone else has decorations on our street yet we need to remove ours or receive a fine? It's literally generic decorations nothing obscene or tacky. I'm looking into HOA harassment through my lawyer.
We are sick and tired of this person who uses Malvasia as his personal motorcycle track. Day in and day out all we here is the roar of his motorcycle!!!!! It is way too noisy!! Come on! What happened to the peace and quiet and not to mention the safety of our street??!!!
Hello, This is to inform you for the second time regarding address 9465 Supernova Ct., Las Vegas NV that there are dog poops everywhere in front of their house, especially where the pebbles area in between the other house close to the gate of their backyard, you can see the black poops where the pebbles. Please go and patrol the area and take a gander where the pebbles and you can see the little black poops everywhere. This is a messy issue because we have seen the owner letting the dog poop in front of their house and never picked up the poops. The dog can’t clean after himself, so the homeowners clean up after their dog. This make us upset because the poops are not properly collected and disposed of and that can lean to community-wide filth and what kind of a homeowners letting the dog poop in front of their house? Isn’t this is covenant violation? Another issue I reported when I emailed last time, is that when you look outside where their gate to the backyard (between the garage and their backyard), you can see the massive tall weeds that are not being cleaned up. This upsetting because we comply to the rules of the community and you can see others that doesn’t care about the appearance and preservation of the community. Please send someone there and take a gander of the issue to really see what’s being reported.
This HOA is terrible and targets residents for silly things. I have a spot on my wall by the front porch that they fined me for, but when I wrote multiple letters to ask for paint codes so I can fix it, or sent in paint samples with a request to paint my entire house, I was ignored. Trash HOA, many complaints from the residents by them.
We are sick and tired of this person who uses Malvasia as his personal motorcycle track. Day in and day out all we here is the roar of his motorcycle!!!!! It is way too noisy!! Come on! What happened to the peace and quiet and not to mention the safety of our street??!!!
im painting the house my i need to know if there is a paint code for the garage. thank you
MALVASIA Lately, there have been an influx of kids using our street as their personal playground. They either run around, play games or leave their bicycles in the middle of the street or on the sidewalks. Today, I noticed a newly erected basketball hoop. what could be next? PLEASE HELP to keep our street peaceful and quiet and safe to drive. Thank you!
I believe that my residence is being targeted using Selective Enforcement. We recently received notices of violations, as we do almost every few weeks for frivolous things. Due to the nature of the complaint, I took a look around the community and noted violations of the very same ordinances that we are accused of. I documented at least 26 before it got too hot to continue. This was in just ONE of the two conjoined neighborhoods, 26! I also checked Google Maps' Street View feature, and saw that most of the violations I found showed up on Street View. That implies that those violations were either never addressed by the HOA or just not resolved by the tenants and ignored by HOA. This is Selective Enforcement and borderline harassment. We have lived here for around 16 years and we're quiet, clean, courteous and helpful neighbors. I don't understand why we're getting warnings so frequently for the most minuscule things, that at least 2 or more houses on nearly every street are flagrantly doing as well. Many of these other violations I found are much worse than what we've been warned for. Real Examples: A sofa on the side of a house, another sofa on a driveway, a basketball hoop laying across a front yard, boats and trailers in driveways, on the sides of houses and on the street not connected to anything and a car missing its front end parked on the wrong side of the street (facing oncoming traffic). That's just to name a few! None of us can do much under quarantine, and due to Coronavirus, my family and I are not working and can't afford to resolve these purported HOA guildine violations, (especially since leaving the house its untenable due to health issues). Any advice is welcome and would be much appreciated! I am honestly afraid to provide any more details regarding our specific situation because I don't want to bring anymore attention to us. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for your time in general. -Anonymous Community Resident.

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