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The clubhouse air conditioning is not working as of today we noticed and 90 percent of the pool furniture is broken or ripped. The treadmills also need to be replaced, they shake if the speed is over 4.0 and I feel like I’m going to fly off. Can you please address this. We are paying a high hoa fee and cannot enjoy the amenities.
My neighbor at 501 Armenian Pl. threw a glass bottle at my garage door then picked up a big rock and threw it through my front room window. We called the police and made a report. The police have been there numurus times since they moved in and has been arrested a few times also. She is mentally ill and unstable. She has also gone to at her neighbor's home and bugged them as well. The police couldn't arrest her because she wouldn't open her door. She is a problem and needs to be evicted.

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