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Silver Crew Pass: Our beloved pet was destroyed in the early morning of 09/21. Coyote scaled our wall to get to him. Please make community aware that this is a real issue on Silver Crew Pass and please inform homeowners to be aware of small pets and children Thank you..
John & Emma
Terra West is the HOA in Belle Crest II in Shadow Hills, Las Vegas. They have succeeded in turning my community of SFR into a rental community. Community manager is lazy, no one checked who was buying homes. Our resale value is still way down because most homes in my community are rentals with dirt bags living in them. CCR's not being followed or adhered to and when a homeowner complains about it, they (the homeowner) gets a certified letter from Terra West saying that the renter can do whatever they like even if it's against the CC & R's and so long as the dumbass elected Board of Directors don't mind.
I live at 320 new river cir. and will have some out of state visitors the first fweek of October. Since they have an RV I was wondering if it was ok for them to park in my drive way the 3 days they will be visiting.
1145 Piazza Navona Henderson NV. 89052
John & Emma

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