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as of 10/17/17 Terra West uses HomeWiseDocs.com to order HOA Demand and Resale Pkgs.
Watermarke HOA is ordered through getdocsnow.com 2/21/2024
I am looking for the CCR's for the Rancho Haven area in Reno, NV. How do I get a copy?
palm trees not being trimmed ever !!! have seen many rats running block walls in back yard dividing houses. health department concern
I own a house on Mammoth Court and would like to receive or be directed to a list of the trees and shrubs that has been approved for front yards. Please respond promptly. Best, Scott
HI 9195 Beauchamp AVE HOUSE OWNER I been office.offce closed i got paper my neighborhood and I Select color SCHEME 9.
In regards to Hamton Park Association for putting a tow tags all over cars for no reason at all that owners have LEGALLY REGISTERED & INSURED as being used, So it seems that the HOME OWNERS who Live in AREA ALLOWED to HAVE their CARS and NOT TOW TAG or even Marked for all their VIOLATIONS as OIL STAINS, Black marks for asphalt on street, fences that are not the correct color and much more. Yet early in the morning standing outside gossiping about neighbors and especially if not their race! What a community but at least the News is taking it very seriously as what is being done through out this community.
Concerning a continuous dog barking for weeks now. Some of the neighbors and myself tried to be respeckful and left a note on his vehicle asking politely if he would maybe even use a muzzle when he's outside. we are guessing he must took offense to this request. the dogs barking all the time and hours of the night. sometimes only 10 mins. and sometimes over an hour. the residence is at 4408 Sandhorse Ct. Thankyou for listening! Please help!
Please fix my front lamp and the gas lamp in front of my house at 1008 Collingtree Street in Fairway Pointe Las Vegas. Neither turn on at night anymore. Also my neighbor's close-by from lamp is off at night at 1012 Collingtree Street when all three should be automatically turned on at night.
I live in Cortona and Ijust want to report that the street light between Albergo Street and Paladio Street is not working for 2 weeks now. Please send someone to fix it. Thank you.

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