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as of 10/17/17 Terra West uses HomeWiseDocs.com to order HOA Demand and Resale Pkgs.
Silver Crew Pass: Our beloved pet was destroyed in the early morning of 09/21. Coyote scaled our wall to get to him. Please make community aware that this is a real issue on Silver Crew Pass and please inform homeowners to be aware of small pets and children Thank you..
I live at 320 new river cir. and will have some out of state visitors the first fweek of October. Since they have an RV I was wondering if it was ok for them to park in my drive way the 3 days they will be visiting.
I just received your letter in the mail. I'm upset because this is the 3rd letter in the last 6 months. My wife and I are currently not at the property at 4544 Crimson Leaf Drive. We complied with the last letter, my daughter and her son cleaned up what needed to be done.This was just a month ago! I'm upset because I think you are picking on someone who is not there to defend themselves. My wife and I will be out there June 17. If you have a problem with me and the property, be man enough to either show up at our property or call me on my cell phone. The number is 717-698 4341. I'm going to comply with this letter, my son-inlaw is going to see what needs done. I do not want to receive another letter from you. If I do I will consider it harassment and you know what road that will go down. I think if your going to get on people about their property, go across the street where my mailbox is located and look at the trash in the yards.Remember I will be there June 17, come see me and show me the nonsense your talking about! Until then, sincerely yours James Shomper.
I am selling a home in the Emerald Valley Landscape Maintenance Association and I am appalled at the cost to obtain the CC&r's and demand statement via email. I could see a higher cost if the documents were printed as they used to be, but to require that I sign into a home wise document company in California and pay $180 for the documents and $150. for a letter that says I am up to date on my payments is absolutely absurd. We moved out of a condo managed by a company to this one and I am ready to now sell the house and get away from this ridiculous company.
John & Emma
order HOA demands via www.HomeWiseDocs.com
1145 Piazza Navona Henderson NV. 89052
John & Emma
order HOA demands via www.HomeWiseDocs.com

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