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Grounds keepers are not keeping tumble weeds from growing on curbs around the drain hole. Suggest they be reminded of their responsibilities.and quit blowing derbis across the road at Squaw valley enterance.
My wife and I rent in The Burson Ranch addition. I have a request please: Our dog recently was extremly ill, almost died. She ate a peach/Apricot pit that was thrown down in the area of the dog/play park. I believe the landscape personnel throw these down. I really like the landscapers and they do a great job, but I believe that they don't realize that inside the pit is a seed that contains cyanide. Peach pits and other seeds from the plant family Prunus contain a potentially dangerous chemical called amygdalin that can creates poisonous cyanide when digested. While swallowing a single pit is unlikely to cause cyanide poisoning, consumption of several unprocessed pits can produce symptoms. Thank you
I'm thinking about purchasing a residence in your subdivision. How strict and can you name a few for the home owner's responsibilities. Are the rules mostly for the front. Also because of the drought are we expected to have frontal tree's and required amount of shrubs and lawn. Another word's, is a dry landscape permissible.

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