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There is still a basketball goal on Townbridge & North Campbell causing a major nuisance. This is also a safety issue and placed on a public road being used by unsupervised children. Is complying with HOA mandates optional when a warning letter is received?
Speaking of weeds, I just cruised the public areas that are supposed to be maintained by Spinnaker and see plenty growing. You might want to get on that. "Living in a planned community requires the cooperation of all residents" Check Article 9
Just want to ask if someone is already renting the 9000 old river ave 89149? I just saw a Uhaul and 2 black people at midnight tonight and a black car coming out from the garage. Hopefully there is already.
I suppose a 3 inch group of weeds is a bigger problem than garbage left in the street, beat up cars leaking oil and neighborhood dogs roaming free. I'll get right on those weeds that pose such a huge issue.
Just want to ask if you have any information about the property

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