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My Multi-Code gate stopped working even tho I put in new batteries. How can I get a new one? What is cost? I live in Lynbrook Quad 3
The HOA continues to increase fees and our neighborhood looks like trash. The landscapers do not come to our area and clean up. My neighbors are trying to sell their home and people are turning away due to the trash over flow. I have contacted the HOA several times and I get a different excuse as to why the workers do not clean up certain areas and that they are only responsible to clean the parks but not anywhere else. They went as are as to send a violation notice due to the trash flow from the storm drain after we made several complaints. We even talked to the workers and nothing has happened. It has been so bad that we have picked up over 3 trash bags full of trash per week for the last 3 years of living here. And now we are just sick of it and no one has responded back to my request. This is nonsense.
Changed our gate code. We're being forced to pay for gate openers because HOA refuses to use 1 universal gate code for home owners living in this community? cost is 225?
The stucco damage was repaired and painted weeks ago. The address is 6481 Stone dry unit 102. And the grease has also been cleaned.
I am selling my home and I need a code so my realtor can come and show my home. 702/910-3392
90 units multiply by $240 in HOA fees a month times by a year... where is the $260,000 a year in hoa fees going too. As a owner or 2 properties here at hacienda la caliente I want more transparency on where the money is and where it’s going too and used for.
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To order Demands/Check property management the correct # is 702-851-7600
My car windows smashed in and car broken into last night at 5167 Hacienda La Caliente Las Vegas,NV 89119 I need someone to contact me back about who to get in touch with about seeing security camera footage. HOA says property management while property management says HOA. Tired of the run around from both sides. Can someone email me back and please get in contact with me . Thank you

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