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I live @ hacienda la caliente. I have wrote emails. Called left voicemails . And even posted on HOA website about my car being broken into. I demand to see the security footage. This is complete bullshit. I have received multiple letters about how a chair in front of my unit is a problem . An that i am going to be fined if not moved. 2 letters and some crazy lady who lives in the complex came by my residency and took pictures and demanded I remove my chairs. I followed that bitch back to her unit and she has more junk flowerpots, BBQ. Chair, chairs, a bench. There will be no double standard. I walked around every unit this evening and more than 15 units have chairs in front of there front doors. I'll remove my chairs when all the other chairs are removed. Instead of responding to my emails and voicemails about my car being broken in too. I am outraged I am being harassed about chairs , instead of helping me with my police report. I am hurt, Upset, pregnant, and furious jo One has contacted me about my car being broken bro.!?????? This i

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