Olympic Village Homeowners Association (Self Managed)


This is Dyasha Guest, I was previously only a tenant of Mr. Ronn Allan Ritke, (Unit 4). For the last few months I've been dealing closely with him regarding the future of the property and it has come to my great attention that he has relieved himself of all rights and responsibilities and abandoning the property and its debt unto myself. I've been in contact with a Mr. Ray with the HOA on many occasions regarding this matter. I've gathered all the necessary forms along with signatures and so on. Awaiting the Notary Publics final signatures therefore allowing myself to have it recorded as need be. I've learned of the obligations that I have been thrown into realisticly speaking.. Please understand im trying to do this all alone and new to this state and its statutes..being as punctual as possible regardless of the nature and the events. I'm only asking for someone to please lend me some advice or support during this unexpected yet blessing in disguise. I've gotten things repaired and up to par with the HOAs complaints.I have all invoices and receipts and also documentation to share.. I'm willing and able to do any and everything in my power to make up or even go beyond my late successor. I'm just not trying to be thrown to the streets without any family or real support system to aid me... I've made payments and been working on the property damage including, plumbing and electrical. Spoke with the HOA Main Guy and was told to write the Board Members and explain my unique situation and to provide any insight into what is going to help or work. I understand he may have been a nuisance to many but he landed me a helping hand and then let go. I'm 32yrs old with no kids, some college education, owner of business( which is currently listed under 840 King Richard Ave ,4...Please contact me either way thru phone @ 7028454302 or email me @ dyashamarie1989@gma.com Please and thank you for all your time patience and consideration..
Hi I need to order CIC Resale Package and HOA Demand for my Client COE date is Oct 21. Please call me at 702-800-9345 or email me so we can communicate. Thanks
Need to order CIC Resale Package and HOA Demand

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