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addendum to previous note, Republic's rep told me to place the one at curbside for pickup until they pick it up.
this note represents a potential issue with Republic services. I now have 3 large trash containers, since the new refuse program began. Republic services brought me one blue and one black large containers in addition to the large black container that I already had. I have been trying to get them to pick up the black used container for over one month now with no results. I have had three general dates the republic rep told me to expect pickup. They will not grieve me exact dates only ranges. the last date range was August 27 thru the August 30th. No sign of Republic attempting to remove the extra can. I am writing you about this before you decide to fine me for non compliance with your CCR rules. I now have 3 dates for scheduled removal that have come and gone. This message is FYI, since I just received your newsletter. Any help you could provide with getting Republic services to respond will be appreciated. James Chavis

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