Malibu Pointe Homeowners Association (Self Managed)


Malibu Pointe Homeowners Association, We need your assistance. My name is Victoria and I work with EF Education First in the Homestay Program. We are currently trying to place 30 international students with host families in the Malibu area. Here's a little more information about the program: The students, aged 14-18, arrive on June 24 and stay until July 20. They only need a bed and meals, and the EF groups keep them in school all day for around 8 hours. The job of the host family is to simply drop them off at the bus stop in the morning and then pick them up at the same bus stop at night. We have many fun activities planned for their time here, and the host families are welcome to join! Our students this year will be from Norway, Sweden, Spain and Italy, and it is an incredible opportunity for families to experience a different culture by opening their homes! I have attached an application, please pass on this information to anyone you think could be interested in an opportunity like this. I look forward to hearing back from you!!

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