First Columbia Community Management


eddmar11@yahoo.com is not in anyway a part of our company. Please remove it so that we may have more accurate information.
Please allow my tenant, as per my previous request to obtain a gate clicker, 2 parking passes and her name listed at the gate. My e-mail address is joann_ham@yahoo.com
As of 2/20 HOA demands through getdocsnow.com
Help help help, it is 8pm and no one to contact. There are kids in the pool throwing rocks out of the pool and saying I should move from the sidewalk, kids are 10-12, no one over 18 in the pool area. How long is this going to keep up?
order demands via GetDocsNow as of Nov 2018
The demands can now be ordered thru CMG - ADI at: www.adi-smartsource.com.

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