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why cant we make online payments anymore?
Trying to set up auto payments
Just wondering if there are any other options for parking the work van next to our condo, it's a very loud work van and wakes us up every morning, we asked the owner and he said he has permission and will be renting another spot there because they have cars plus work van, this is only going to leave 2 spots for visitors in that parking area because the people next to them claim they are handicap and was given one spot next to handicap spot. Maybe a spot for the work van could be towards the main street so it will not echo down our walk ways. I was told we were not aloud to have work trucks parked here full time.
why cant we make online payments anymore?
If it's not a contract or request form, what is it?
I tried to set up bill pay with Mountain America to pay monthly HOA fees and it won't allow. Please help, do not want to write checks anymore and don't want access to my checking or Visa TIA
Order escrow demand through condocerts.com
Rock Springs 2 Maintenance item: The exterior spigot on the west side of Bldg 942 is leaking. Suspect seals need replacing. Valve cover box does not fit in new box. Possible tripping hazard and it's been left like that for months.
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My husband, myself and daughter wish to live in this community as our sister-in-law needs help, blessed with 19 grandkids.

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