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Hello good morning i am getting a charge of $200. for something the i have no idea because the letter don't even say why the fine is for if is for the palm tree i already cut it a lot of months ago the grass i am waiting for the weather to get warm so i can get the seeds to progress there tree is not dead is just dormy because the weather so honestly i don't understand why i am getting a fine of such amount and why is people the are doing worts things in this community and owners the are leasing the property to people and not doing the proper backgrounds or come and visit theirs property so we all be protected for everything like please let me know at the earliest what is going on with this absurd fine and why because i don't understand i lived here for 15 years now and i never stop paying the really stupid fees because i feel the you people don't do nothing in this community for me to paid all the money the i already have paid all this years and in top of that you going to charge me 200. in top of that i hope the somebody get back at me asap and explain how can solve this absurd situation in a good manner sincerely javier perez thank you.
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