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To whom it may concern, My name is Claudia Guzman. My husband, Jaime Cruz, and I recently closed on the property located on 9000 Las Vegas Blvd. S #1006. I was advised we need to come in to see you since you need information from us and we need certain things from you. Since this is our 2nd home, we are not presently living in the Vegas area and will not be in town for a few weeks I was wondering if there's a list of items you can advise that you need from us  and if there's anything we can provide via email or over the phone?   My phone number is 310-415-5290 and my husbands number is 310-780-2830. We thank you in advance for your assistance. Regards, Claudia Guzman
I own unit 2189 and want to get my account balance and set up online please
Hi, I would like to get a quick pass for gate at 9000 Las Vegas, Blvd. #1058 I need username and password please.
Please email the number where I can speak with a specialist.
how do I log on to quick pass as I am expecting a delivery soon. The guard at the gate doesn't know
calling about quick pass for gate at Sedona condo 9000 las Vegas Blvd.89123. I need login and password.

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