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To whom it may concern, I have tried to contact NV Finest Property via phone and the front desk agent always says someone will call me back but no one ever does. I pay the NEVADA Ranch Association, I pay the Twilight Association fee yet I cannot park my vehicle no where on site. I have a three bedroom house. A couple in every room. Every person has their own car. A total of 6 cars. We keep two cars in the garage and two in the drive way. One of my cars already got towed once. I had to pay about $300 dollars to get it back. I have been getting the yellow sticker consistently on my other cars for apparently parking on parking spaces that don’t belong to my HOA. I only have access two 5 other spots by the pool. Which I find ridiculous because there are more than 5 other people living in my community using those spaces. A few months ago there was a burglary in my home and the HOA did nothing about it. There was a report that was filed with the police but the HOA provided no surveillance cameras or security assistance. I contacted the towing company and they said that the HOA had to give me parking permits for my vehicles. I hope we can get to an arrangement because all of this is very frustrating and stressful.

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