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Is the pool going to open earlier this year than last year?
What are the regulations for a gas stove in these condos?
I live in 1529 unit F. A new family has moved in under me recently. They have about 6 kids, who are all constantly screaming, fighting, crying, slamming doors, playing with the springs on the back of the door (which is very loud throughout my entire apartment.) I am wondering what the noise guidelines are if there are any in place, or what I can do without causing problems with my neighbors. I have lived here for 3 years now and have never had such inconsiderate neighbors before. I completely understand that kids will be kids, and that there is a lot of them, but their noise level has me at my wits end. Please help me solve this problem as it is no longer enjoyable to live here and I am having difficulty finding comfort in my own home.
moving to Florida - will be changing bank accounts - will need to update information so HOA fees can be decucted from our account each month.
Is the pool gonna be open this year?
Renter @ 1537 Unit F are so inconsiderable, management should talk to them, they don't care about their neighbor they do constant screaming and cursing every single night from 10pm to 5am, the guy calls him bitch everything the lady don't open the door he says nasty words outside, he even go to the back patio and screams that our kids hear. They constantly slams their front door, and fight and screams at each other like they own the whole complex. i am hoping management should look into this, and they don't own the unit they're just renter, people live under that unit already move out because they can't take them any longer.
the renters at 1537 Unit F are really bothersome there are 2 person live on that unit the lady is loud and always fighting with the other person, they are cursing, screaming and throwing stuff to each other, the lady walks like an elephant, does random stuff from 9pm to 4am which are the hours that other neighbors rest. In the morning she plays music that my walls are already vibrating and she do that from 8am to 2pm, she's so inconsiderable how about the people that works night shift

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