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The new HOA has shown me that I pay more and get less. The previous workers would blow debris from my back pattio weekly. Now, the leaves and debris is no longer blown from the rocks behind my house or off of my patio.
We have been left in the air as to our management for several months. I have lived with a backyard (small) with large swaths of dirt. Is it acceptable for me to hire a landscaper to get my yard back to grass. I have been working on it, but find I no longer have the strength or stamina to do it myself. If I can't get a landscaper, I will continue to try to fix it.
need resale pkg for 2752 Showcase Dr
No need for this by watering the grass differently we could save approximately $35,000 annually.
My bank accounts were comprised, so I have new accounts, same bank. Please send me a form to change automatic payments. I currently don't even have any checks to send payment. Please don't charge a late charge if this month's assessment has not been paid. 8524 Millsboro dr 702-750-6406

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