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I have lost my payment book. Please provide the address of where i send my check to and my account number. thank you
I have received a notice regarding my trash cans being put out too early. I was going to gone the following morning and I didn't want to miss waste management. Also, be advised this is a common practice throughout this neighborhood and has been for years. There are many more infractions that are more serious than this one. Sometimes, waste management doesn't come at the same time each week.
I have a problem with my neighbor not keeping up their lawn and weeds at 6860 Apus Dr. and they are blowing into my yard which I have professionally maintained.
Many of my neighbors are having fires
HOA Address 4874 Sparks Blvd., Sparks, NV 89436 Phone 775-354-1901
Please resend Painting Home Application Thanks
Resend Painting Home Appllication

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