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The grapes grow on both sides of the fence but that doesn't make it ok to just start chopping.
Please let me know by email the monthly HOA services cost per month for 9833 Ash Meadow' Drive. Thanks,
The maintenance guys really need to leave my fruit plants alone. 2 weeks ago one guy reached through my fence and chopped off some heavy branches of ripening raspberries. Today a man just helped himself to cutting some grapes off my vines. He acted like he didnt speak English when I pointed to his knife he showed me a big clump of ripe grapes he helped himself to. I would probably have offered him some but just reaching through the fence (by the walking path) to help himself to my grapes aggravates the dogs and shows no ethics. I planted all my fruits by seed and spend everyday tending to them. It's my disability hobby. Please help me by telling your guys to just do their jobs and stay out of personal property. They ruined my raspberry harvest by taking big cuttings. I was going to make jams with those raspberries they most rudely took away. Now I have to wait till next year.
I need to confirm the HOA fee for a property at 9833 Ash Meadow Dr.. Please email to me. Thanks, Jack Ginter, Mgr.
Need Your Phone Number I have a Construction Project at Damonte Parkway and Steamboat Parkway
I settled on a house in December in this HOA. I need a phone number so that I can call and make arrangements to pay HOA dues - I haven't moved in yet.
I asked my bank not to pay you because I did not recognize the Company name. Please send me a email to send my payments.
how the hell do you pay fees on this horrible website?

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