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We have children that continually yell and scream and play football in the cul-de-sac here at Crescendo. They have hit our garage several times with rocks and the football. Some of them live at 5265 panguitch. We have spoken to the kids several times. I AM A NIGHT NURSE AND WORK COVID. I am not able to rest because of these children . I am starting to believe the neighbor is running a day care.
Please call me re: 5190 Jewel Canyon Drive, Las Vegas. I am the new property manager working with the owners of this property.
Open the pool! We are paying for it in our HOA fee. Other pools in the city are open.
Greetings We have an ongoing problem of children from other communities using our basketball court. After discussing it with the boys that We have to run off at least two and three times a day. The boys say they are from Crescendo and they have a basketball court but not in functioning order. I told them that we would contact you and try to influence you to please put your basketball court in working order so we don’t have to run people out of our court continually. We send this note in the spirit of problem-solving we hope you can do something for your young men and women so they have that a basketball court of their own. Thank you V. Mike W. President Board of Directors
Trying to get in touch with someone from prime management or HOA officer had a problem the night before with water running from neighbor property into mine have called and left messages to prime management and talked to president of the HOA to no availe if there is a emergency at night besides someone getting killed there should be someone with contact numbers besides having to hop a wall to solve the problem
Were do I call re 5180 Jewel Canyon Drive
Moving to the community, and not sure how to pay HOA monthly fee.
The neighbors dog that looks like pink spray painted is running around in the streets . We are concerned it will get hurt by someone on accident and I don’t want to see the dog hurt.
Their’s a large German Shepard on 5232 mineral lake dr that has no collar or tags. It’s friendly and is wandering around

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