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Regarding palm tree my parents have both been in facilities for Alzheimer’s. I had the palm tree trimmed. They’ve been sick for six months. They are unable to pay any fines at this time since they’re so old my dad’s almost 100 and June. My mom just turned 90 Walter & Bertha Cherry.7860 march Brown Ave., Las Vegas, 89149 trimmed. Can you help them one time courtesy please thank you Laura their daughter.
I plan to add a rear patio with overhead shading. What forms do I fill out to present to the Architectural Committee for approval?
i believe you manage the neighborhood where I own a home 7840 Blue Charm Ave Las Vegas 89149. I want to make sure you have my new mailing address Grant Woods 10150 Meriweather Grove Ave LV Nv 98166. If you could send all futher mail to my new address please. Thank you.
need approved exterior paint colors for house

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