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To whom it may concern I'm an owner 10593PETR I CO LA Street unit 103 the grounds are rundown it needs to be fixed please I don't Want to call channel 5 and report you
I returned from business travel trip late on Thursday night. Saw my car on Friday. It was gone Saturday morning?! Towed from a parking space. HOA, I would like my car back.
I live in cactus court, all of a sudden the HOA has started cracking down on everything. Today we woke up to tow notices on just about every vehicle, even vehicles in parking spots. Absolutely ridiculous. There are not enough parking spots in the complex, so when is that get off late Friday and saturdays get home, there’s no where to park but the end of the culdisacs, which have no red curbs, nor is there “no parking” posted. What are we supposed to do?
To whom it may concern I'm an owner 10593PETR I CO LA Street unit 103 the grounds are rundown it needs to be fixed please I don't Want to call channel 5 and report you
Absolutely ridiculous enforcement upon parking vehicles and you guys need to go about a different way of enforcing it. We have a 1 car garage that our tiny car parks in everyday/night and my truck outside. But my truck cant park in one of the stalls and continuously gets harrassed with parking violation tickets? There needs to be a better way for your residents and use a different violation sticker/form cause those sticky ones are not east to get off your vehicle window.
We just moved into 10663 Petricola unit 101. Didn't realize how bad the parking is. Theres definitely not enough parking. We had our car parked in OUR DRIVEWAY and a tow truck came already ready to give us a notice and we had to explain we had just moved in that day and were bringing in boxes. We were told that if their isn't a parking spot available then we have to park across the street in the liquor store parking lot!!! It's ridiculous! Theres not enough parking for the people who live here, let alone visitors! At least let us park in front or in our driveways that WE PAY FOR!
What site do I order a resale cert through? Thanks
We’re renting at 10633 Petricola #102, and my husband’s truck was towed from a parking space as a commercial vehicle simply because it has a black rack on it. There’s no lettering or anything to indicate that the truck is used commercially. It’s literally my husband’s vehicle to and from work. There’s no tools or other items in his truck that would also indicate that it’s a commercial vehicle. We chose this community because it’s gated, and we thought it would be a lot more secure. However people will sit and wait outside the gates and tailgate in behind residents. Worse yet they will blatantly drive in through the exit gates. What’s the sense of having gates if people can just come in the through the “out” gate? It’s ridiculous that the HOA can be so strict about parking, yet not be at all concerned about the actual security of the residents?! Furthermore because we rent (and pay GOOD HARD EARNED $$$ to live here) we’re EXEMPT from having any say, and aren’t allowed to participate at HOA meetings. So basically despite living in this community, we’re NOT considered part of it. A community should PULL AND WORK TOGETHER. That’s what makes for a solid, strong community. We had to BUY the gate remotes to gain access to the property when they should have been provided by either the homeowner and/or the HOA. The call box at the gate wasn’t even working for the first 3 months we lived here!! You couldn’t see anyone’s names to call a resident for access. When our property management company contacted the HOA to add us to the list, they were told it would take 3 days, but it actually took a month, and we contacted the Gate Access Company ourselves to find out that the HOA never gave them our phone number. So despite our name being on the list, there was no way for us to get a call from anyone needing to get in the gate. We’ve lived with an HOA before, but this one is not working the way that HOAs should. Homeowners should be asking themselves, “Where are the funds we’re paying into this HOA going?”, and Do you need a new Commitee? EVERY resident here regardless of whether you own or rent should be able to attend, voice concerns, and VOTE on the issues to make this a better, safer, and cohesive community.
Is there any other way I can make payment other than by mail? By phone or wabsite?
What site do I order a resale cert through? Thanks

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