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Theres homeless coming in and out of the community and I heard there are squatters living in a unit by the pool when you enter the gate. Someone break into my nieghbor's car on easter Sunday. Last month We caught someone trying to open my other nieghbor's car (she has red hair and she looks like shes on drugs). When she was confronted she said she thought it was her bf's car and she lives in the other side of the community. Why would her bf park there if they live in the other side of the complex? The next day, I went for my afternoon walk and I saw a couple (same girl) with thier bikes. And then I saw them stopped at my nieghbor's (different one) unit and I notice there were amazon boxes, so I pretended to call my nieghbor, then they started walking away. What about happen amber hills?? This place was so peaceful, and now we have no security and you guys are not doing anything about it.
This is a condo community and my retirement home. I do my best to make sure that it is kept up and safe. The management company that we have is not good and does not do their job. Our community is going down hill and people are selling their units to find a nice place to live.
I had no idea what was going to happen when I wrote the above but now that I know I would like to say that I live in Amber Hills II, Las Vegas, NV 89148. We are having problems with our security guard and the HOA refuses to let him go, along with the company he works for as they are threatened by the HOA that they will drop their contract if they take him off property. He chastises people and calls them names, stupid, illiterate, faggats, trash and many, many, many more names.
HOA is HORRIBLE they pave the parking lot and post the signs only at the pools entrance many of us don't use the pool. So when they paved parking they towed residence vehicles at our own expense. Today they shut water off with no notice to tenants and it is 9PM and the water is not back on. We are still in the middle of a pandemic and tenants returning from work have no way to bathe and yet HOA does not send notices once again. No emergency contact number for HOA also
about once a day a fire alarm goes off for 10 or so minutes and it's very annoying when it happens to turn on during the night.
Its nice during the day, however at night there is a group of loud people. Now that the pool is open, its worse. It is almost midnight on a Sunday night, and these people are all but screaming. Shouldnt there be security walking around?
Unit 107

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