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I lost my booklet to pay are Homeowners Association payment can you send me another one?
Phone # should be 775-626-7333
I need to change my bank account information for my automatic payments. Can you please send me the form to get this done? Thank you. Eric Mager
Woodrush ll..dayton.. Ft. Churchill hill all new plants are dead/dying..the beautiful Pines turning brown. Rose bushes were chopped..entrance landscaping dead. Bone dry...Where's our dues going? Not for water.... Maybe "doggie" dispensers...take a walk down our parkway... Awful & disgusting...
I know I ask every year, but it seems every year it gets later. When will the sidewalk strips' water be turned on? It once again looks terrible, and they are all going to die soon, if they haven't already. Driving up Vista by the golf course in particular looks awful. My phone number is 470-2768 if you'd like to call.
This management company no longer manages Double Diamond Ranch Master.

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