G. Curti Ranch and Caramella Ranch Landscape Maintenance Association

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We live at 490 Haleb Court in Curti Ranch. There are two bushes on the corner, outside our yard that are dead. The drop system must not be working. Please let us know when it can be fixed. Thank you, Thomas and Elisa Barcia
This is Kathy Sanchez with the City of Reno Streets Department. I am trying to find out who is responsible for the median on Veteran's Pkwy coming out of Colton. The irrigation is running continuously and the street is being damaged and the grass is not being maintained. Please contact me at my email or call me at 657-4563. Thankp-you.
Water leaking behind 11270 Parma Way, near bicycle path. Puddle is stagnant, and dogs are now drinking out of it.
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