University Biltmore Homeowners Association (Self Managed)


First I would like to apologize to 4323 the correct number is 4311 spencer st. The nice lady that owns 4323 had the squatters help her move from ine place to another they invaded hee home and would not leave now tgey have all broken in to 4311 the corner house on Spencer st thats off road well hidden where they are taking out the appliances and selling them for drugs that nice recently widowed young lady pays someone to help her and tgey basically hold her captive in her home thats ashame ive lived here for 6yrs and ive never seen or heard of anything like this in our neighborhood the drug dealers and users are going to flood these very doorsteps i know longer feel safe in my home
I would like to report a break in of squatters 4323 Spencer St there's about 6 or 7 ppl living in this unit up all hours of the night ppl coming in and out its a drug house. I've noticed they have out a lock on the front gate and there using the garage to come and go and let others in and out please fix this immediately I'm sure there damaging the apt theres always loud noise
Order HOA Demand by Email: universitybiltmore@gmail.com

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