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In the farthest Northeast corner of the property at 9330 West Maule Las Vegas Nv 89148 Name is Apache Hills . There are some trees that are hanging over my block wall and are giving off the most terrible amount of pollen. That is making my backyard unusable. Besides it seams me and my daughter are terribly allergic to whatever substance this is. It is Yellow balls that break up in your hand. In the fall it turns into aprox 3 inch pieces of a hard brown seed that resembles dog poop. I would appreciate if you can cut these trees down as short as possible so I have the use of my yard back again please feel free to call me at 702-635-5145 you are welcome to come inspect my yard as well as I have taken photos of my yard before I cleaned it. which I have to do several times a week now. thank you in advance for taking care of this problem.
Please call me I am a condo owner and I do not have a pool key for my new tenets please call me 925-826-8961 thank you, miriam Ferguson

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