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As of 02/22/22 order demand and resale through condocerts.com
Order Demand through Homewisedocs.com
I am i need of the master HOI for the PUD on the Seven Hills Master Community Association. Please let me know process to obtain that. THX
Speak with Chantal
What are the dues for Palazzo Monte and are they going up for 2018? I am a real estate broker selling a house in the neighborhood.
Where are dues for September
How do I obtain approval to enclose my back patio at 975 Dancing Vines Ave.
I’m desperately seeking for Your Managment ID number and there’s no answer in the phone number I called only a message telling us that you guys closed early. I wish we had known that in advance anyhow I will call back on Monday to make that payment right after I get that management ID number that I can’t even find it online and I don’t even hear it on your recording just in case new homeowners such as myself don’t have that access thank you my name is Yessica Salazar and I will be calling on Monday I’m hopefully you guys waive the late fee because I been trying to call you all day today to make that payment thank you
as of Dec 2017 Homewisedoc.com
Homewisedocs.com !!!! 10/31/17

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