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Do you have a web site where I can print a copy of Lynbrook Rules and regulations? Is it current through February 2014? Where can I print out the most current R&R and by-laws?
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I’m trying to confirm, and verify this is the HOA; for Turnberry East? If so, please read the following. I would like, and expect communication by end of business today; 12/22/21. Thank you. Thieves amongst us… It’s utterly ridiculous I live in a gated community with security, Concierge, and valet; and still have to worry about packages being stolen and going missing. Let’s not mention the lack of communication between the staff at both towers, because they’re individually owned and under different management. This isn’t the first package that’s went missing, but it’s the more important and sentimental since it’s from my MOTHER. I had a package PREVIOUSLY sitting at the East Tower for 2weeks, with no notification; until it was brought to the right building RANDOMLY. The fact of the matter is, this is all ONE community. So communicating should be mandatory amongst the staff, no matter what tower you’re in. The service provided should be the same across the board, if there is a package delivered to the wrong tower; it should be communicated to not only the mailman that’s delivering; but to the other Tower so it can be delivered correctly and in a timely manner. I’ve had staff here give me other residents mail, even grocery deliveries. So that’s here nor there with placing blame on the mailman. Packages have to be scanned in, they would automatically know it’s the wrong building; and should be communicating. Between USPS and the subpar service provided in this ghetto, steer clear! I will go into more detail, about the other nonsense harassment and discrimination that goes on in this property soon. Thankfully my lease ends in 2-3 months, because I should have STAYED at Veer Ogden Martin or Palms where I was before. Don’t live anywhere, where you can’t trust the staff; and they can’t verify or identify their own staff’s signatures.
Been a happy resident of Lynbrook for several years. 90% of the homes are well kept and help improve our property values but why do the following houses for over 2 years never ever comply to lynbrook standards. 2 years of non or very very little maintenance. Someone needs to contact the section 8 owner of these properties and do something. It's a joke. 7493 Whispering Lake..No lawn or rocks for 2 years, just dirt. NICE for a gated community. 7532 Coral River-no curtains-blinds from street broken, hose in lawn-rocks not covering weed protector-trash can on porch -2 years the same-7550 Coral River Section 8 home-Owner NEVER KEEPS PROPERTY IN GOOD SHAPE...EVER...
I have lived in lynbrook since the end of June and after several voicemails I'm not sure who to contact regarding how to get our names and phone numbers to the gate as well as getting an opener and finding out code to side gate so my kids can walk to/ from school. This is beyond frustrating and seems very unprofessional.
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I have been living in Lynn brook for a little over a year and have never missed an HOA payment. Today I in the mail I have a deit collection on me for over a 1000 dollars. NOT OVERLY HAPPY about that. The payment website needs to be fixed.

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