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D'andrea Comm. Assoc. "Are short term rentals, such as with Air B&B, allowed ?"

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Need to see the allowable paint colors for the D'Andrea subdivision. Are they available for viewing on-line? If so, please provide the link in your email response.
Need to know the allowable paint colors for the Mercedes Dr area. 2nd request
At 9:30am this morning (June 23, 2022) while talking a walk up Ridgeview Dr. in Lakeridge Springs, we encountered a scruffy, dirty, older, and apparently homeless man in a filthy black wool coat, shuffling out of the lane to the east of the swimming pool. He was walking out toward Ridgeview, and looked as if he had been sleeping in the bushes somewhere (possibly on the golfcourse at the end of that street/cul de sac). He deserves help of course. But having a scruffy dirty homeless man sleeping in the bushes next to our houses just feels creepy and unsafe. Please be on the lookout...
How can we vote absentee
Need to know who is responsible for maintenance of wall around Toscana development
I tried to contact you a couple of days ago and have been waiting to hear from you This is regarding the property at 1570 Gault way Regarding your gardners. The tenant has given me proof from her Dr. that she is in need of surgery on her knee due to the mess left. in the front yard. Please do not respond to my phone calls.
Dana, i've been trying to contact Arne, you guys are old friends from snoma state. Look at your facebook page. I sent you a message under candy ketchum, my wife. Hope to here from you steve
Please let me know how to order resale documents for the Lakeridge Terrace W. HOA. Property address is 4929 Lakeridge Terrace W.
Need infor on how to order HOA resale package for 5369 Mira Loma Drive, Reno, NV Brookside Lakes Subdivision Unit 1C

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