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I own and live in my condo unit #1117 and I have been trying to rent a storage unit for 2 months. I find out today that I am in a drawing for a unit that is available. I own and live here! Should I not get some kind of priority? I am really starting to regret buying here! Also, how can you let 7-8 people live in one of these units? This is a condo complex not an apartment. Very disappointed!!!!!
ATTN: Bruce This is just to let you know that I am out of the country. In case of emergency, please call my sister Mercedes Townsend at 310 408 1002. Hope you had a Happy New Year. Greg Adriano Unit 123
Today is Sunday 9/10 a kid pulled the building fire alarm I am in unit 214 it's been going off since noon it is now 430!!!! Fire department has been out here Maintenance needs to turn off with the key!!!! Get someone out here!!!!! Now!

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