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While this is a condo association, many of the units are also rentals. The management company is Eugene Berger. If the cockroaches and ants aren't enough to keep you away, Universal Parking Management should. People get booted ALL THE TIME! no warnings, no notes, just a boot which requires $100 to get your car back. On my occasion, I was visiting a friend. In compliance to their posted parking sign, I had an authorization to park. I parked in a remote area of the lot, away from buildings, because I had expensive equipment in my vehicle, I backed into the space only to come out later and be booted for backing in, even though there is no posted warning of this. Universal Parking tells me that it is in the HOA's, sorry, but as a guest, I don't have access to those and neither did the direction of my parking come up in conversation with the person I was visiting. When they showed up, three guys stood up and in the way, as if to intimidate me, and even though they had no way to prove that they were valid for booting my car, they threatened me with towing if I didn't give them $100.00 cash. - I felt like I was being extorted. If this is the attitude of Salem Plaza and Universal Parking - I refuse to conduct business with any company that uses their services. I'm not the only one. Search Universal Parking Management and you will find a similar complaints.

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