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You guys shouldn't be posting parking violation stickers unless you start having 24 hour surveillance. We got an orange sticker claiming we had parked in front of the garage for 48hrs which is completely incorrect. We park in a parking space every single night, even though it's all the way on the other side of the neighborhood. We park in front every day at noon for a few minutes & again at 9pm. People don't deserve to have their windows ruined simply because your towing guys have their facts wrong. This neighborhood is quickly turning into the Sportsman's. We've got new neighbors that have about 20 different people going in and out of the house, they hope over the back wall, & they've got soo much garbage in their back yard it has brought rats into ours! They're clearly drug dealers & we already feel unsafe in the neighborhood.
Hoa... please contact me concerning a broken gate issue asap. Thanks. :)

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