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Re 8/10/2017 circular on Parking Variance Policy, do you have this in digital format so I can send it to my manager Brady Realty Group and my existing tenant for their guidance. Please advise. Thank you.
Hello! After reading the above comment by Ms. Theresa Treagle. I have the SAME issue. Was not told by our management company that a parking permit was required. We did however contact them twice as of today as my car was tagged to be towed within 48 hours of the notice left on my vehicle.
my cars were tagged saying I have no permit to park on the street,i been here 4 months and now im tagged saying i need permits ,I have no driveway enough to pull them in the drive way but did what we could to get them off the street,they cannot fit in my garage,i have a Tahoe,i have my other truck in the garage,but can we please get permits for my cars ,I live at 8661 Rowland Bluff Ave 89178
This used to be well managed; however, recently the landscaping the HOA is responsible for is poor. In addition I keep receiving letters that I have to trim trees in my back and a picture that does not show my property. After repeated protests, same nonsense.

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