Liberty at Silverado Ranch Community Association

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Two women, mainly the old one at 10265 Pennypack appear to be hookers. They come home with different men every night. Bringing a lot of unwanted traffic to the neighborhood. On top of that they are extremely dirty people leaving the trash can out on one of the main streets, Porchtown,for days after trash pickup impeding traffic. Extremely overgrown weeds in their yard just disgusting trash everywhere. In my opinion very rude and inconsiderate. I almost feel bad for them they seem sad and lonely. That's still no excuse.
10335 Maurice River is a neighborhood nuisance.
they need to change tow truck vendors asap this is horrible cars just park anywhere they want every time i call our vendor they never answer and they are super rude
People speeding and not paying attention to the "children at play" sign. Not a safe community for children.
Trash and beer bottles, swisher wrappers all over the side streets
Rats around our cul de sac from

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