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Where do I send my dues?
trying to pay my bill but several times I went to your location no-one was there
Where can i contact you to pay my HOA fees? I went to your office and its closed, the number is not in service and no one i can email. Please let me know, having a hard time contacting you, im not from LV. Thanks!!!
I went down to your office location 2 different times to pay my HOA fees and the office is closed I know that the times that I have been up there it was regular business hours. I have all so called numerous of times to speak to someone but there is never a live person to talk to or where I can leave a message.
I need to get name of website to pay my associations fees or YOUR phone number have new addres Path Comm Proc Ctr PO BOX 94984 Las Vegas, NV 89193 I sent my assoc fees and the MAIL WAS RETURNED - MAIL RETURNED BY POST OFFICE - WHAT HORRIBLE SERVICE YOU HAVE...AND NO CONTACT PHONE NUMBER
Who is the new HOA company handling this neighborhood?
Your new HOA is Community Management & Sales. They took over for Crescent Valley, I found this out through the Ombudsman's office and figured I would pass the info on! Their number is (702) 855-0455

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