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Who do I contact for over grown trees growing over from common area to my back yard causing trash from the trees to fall in my back yard. I live at 3312 Speckle Summer pl. #2 in courts at Aliante
You guys have ruined this neighborhood. From cars coming in patrolling PARKED VEHICLES, writing down license plates. Bring back our security because the only thing you are charging us for in your HOA FEES IS FOR OUR COMMUNITY TO LIVE IN FEAR OF THE TOW TRUCKS WHO CONSTANTLY HARASSE OUR NEIGHBORS. The crime rate has gone threw the roof, kids out here breaking things, and all HOA cares about is driving threw 3 or 4 times a day, racially profiling and harassing people. This neighborhood has gone to shit, and no one cares, they just want more money. We used to have security to protect us, a great landscaping company, and street sweepers. Now our bushes are all over grown, grass is DEAD, random people driving around in cars watching and looking in your homes and vehicles, so they can mail you out a fine or tow your car. People doors are getting kicked in... this all started since Covid and guess what THE MANAGEMENT COMPANY HAS BEEN CLOSED SINCE LAST YEAR AT THIS TIME WE LIVE IN A CONCENTRATION CAMP! STOP TAKING PICTURES OF PEOPLES BACKYARDS AND THEIR PRIVATE SPACE YOU CREEPS!!
I moved in 3 weeks ago and do not have a mail box location or key. I have tried the post office and hoa office with no help. Can anyone help? It makes me think I made a mistake buying in this development.
I need a email address for the property manager at The Courts to dispute a bill containing a late fee.
Please email an HOA forms for submission for a Patio at 6629 Lookout Lodge Lane Unit 2 for Aliante and the Courts HOA's. Thank you
Need to find out the total $ amount of my HOA for tax filing
Hello, I need to contact someone about parking rules and regulations inside Court at Aliante. Received a parking warning although rules and regulations states in section 4.6 c that we are aloud to park in our driveways if we do not fit in our garages.

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