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Wanted to update my auto payment to you guys
To whom this may concern. I was visiting from out of state and was parked on the side of my parents house. I had the visitors pass hanging but I still got the notice of parking violation. I was in town for my more than a week. Where do you expect me to park? The letter states that visitor’s parking is only 2 days in a month. These HOA is such a piece of crap. No wonder why a lot of people would rather park right outside of the gate, I bet you didn’t even noticed that. You better look thoroughly at all these rules and regulations before implementing it!!!
Please send me information on how to get parking passes. thanks!
send an email to Deanne@lvvcm.com
Hi I am purchasing a home in Hampton Glen in Providence community. I should be moving in the end of May. I had a couple of questions for now. Is Direct tv allowed as they will need to install a Sattelite dish? Also I wanted to secure our front door and was wondering if security doors are allowed and if so which ones? Also do I need to submit for permission to have security film installed on the windows and sliding glass door? We are most likely going with clear or at darkest 25% sunlight reduction. If I'm asking in the wrong place please provide me an email or let me know where I need to find answers for my questions. We are very excited to become a part of the community. Thank you!

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