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I am a Realtor who has an accepted offer on property located on Broadwing Drive. My question: I must order the HOA AND CIC'S Resale Package. Will both be obtained under the same order? Is there any other entity in which I must contact? Master Plan Plan?
Please send me my assessment of the HOA dues. I am refinancing and do not have a copy of my booklet. 7438 Eggshell Dr.Club Aliante
We need an extension on our address light and painting the house. My father has been ill ultimately just passed away. The time, responsibilities, and expenses for his illness/healthcare and now for his death are overwhelming, not to mention we will now have to go back to Ohio for a month and a half. Again, therefore we need an extension to take care of the house address light and definitely painting the house. Thank you. And to inform you, we bought new lights for the house address box and installed them, but it still won't light up. I then exchanged the lights and got new ones and replaced them again and still didn't work. Even after adjusting the wires and checking the doorbell (it works) extension (since instructions state that the power of the address light is connected to the doorbell), the address still won't light up. Judging by the fact that many houses in the neighborhood have addresses that also aren't lit up, I'm going to assume that they aren't quality. Regardless, at the time I don't have the money or time for troubleshooting, or an electrician or a painter, or painting house. We are extremely overwhelmed! Thank you very much! Rhonda Ringer and Walter Adams 2332 Mountain Rail Drive, north Las Vegas, nv 89084 (702)499-4082
Hello, My name is Dwayne Mosbey and I'm in desperate need of help with an out of control owner who refuses to put his aggressive Mastiff-Pitbull hybrid on a leash. I've had three encounters with the same gentleman between 5:30 am and 6:00 am twice by Brian & Teri Cram Middle School on W. Deer Springs Way and Clayton St. and once on the walking trail off of W. Deer Springs Way and Gliding Eagle Road. With each encounter the owner has become increasingly hostile. Culminating in him yelling at me last Friday and giving his dog the command to attack me. I ran across W. Deer Springs Way into traffic, where a good sumaritan stopped to tell me she witnessed the whole thing and waited to ensure I didn't get bitten. With that being said, I'm at wits end and need help. I'm not at the point, where I have to stand my ground. So, I ask is it legal for me to mace this animal if attacked? What are my options within the law to protect myself? Please help. Respectfully, Dwayne Mosbey Cell: 310-409-5002 Work: 702-652-7160 Address: 6924 Snow Finch St., North Las Vegas, NV 89084
Teri Baldwin 2028 Nature Park Dr NLV, NV 89084 Springdale community, I’m trying to find out how to get a permit parking for my son Branti Baldwin who also lives at the same address above, he has been parking his big work truck in the parking lot across from the park on Nature Park, he has been parking every other day for the last 3 months, until the truck was towed on 3/24/2020 at 10:30am after his shift at 1:30am on 3/24/2020 His company had to pay $651.43 for the release, (no warning ) and he do to go back out 3/25/2020 4:30pm there was cars, SUVs etc. which was also Towed that Never moved for over 6-7 months, before he ever start parking in that parking lot even when cars/SUVs was there, We looked all over there for no parking on the premises, which we noticed today 3/25/2020 new signs are posted, so if we are residents and pay are Dues on time since 2011, where do we park?when you are a Truck driver and only have the truck not the trailer and working your schedule is every other day and sometime in town daily? Please Help us to understand we all got eat at a time like this !!!

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