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Changed our gate code. We're being forced to pay for gate openers because HOA refuses to use 1 universal gate code for home owners living in this community? cost is 225?
Order HOA Demand @ www.condocerts.com
No longer managed by Nicklin Mgmt.
My car windows smashed in and car broken into last night at 5167 Hacienda La Caliente Las Vegas,NV 89119 I need someone to contact me back about who to get in touch with about seeing security camera footage. HOA says property management while property management says HOA. Tired of the run around from both sides. Can someone email me back and please get in contact with me . Thank you
To order Demands/Check property management the correct # is 702-851-7600
I need to het permission to add sun blocker screens. Please advise as to how to get the forms to do so. 1130 Broken Hills Dr.; Henderson, NV 89011
Today, 9/3/15, as I was walking near the intersection of Lantern, I was attacked by some kind of bees. I was stung 5 times. Please keep away from this area and keep children away
This is NOT the correct email!!!
Where can I get a new street number sign, ours fell off during the high winds and we don't know where to get one.
We're looking at a property in this neighborhood can you tell me if there are any rules about street parking? Thank you.

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